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Welcome to the Chatham Park's PTO Manager!


Our goal is to support our school and provide enriching experiences for all the children who attend Chatham Park Elementary School.

Chatham Park's Home and School Association (HASA) uses this PTO Manager site for two purposes:

  1. First, we need you to provide your child's/family information so that we can publish a school directory we call the Bulldog Browser. 
    To get started, sign in with an email address and create a password. If you use PTO Manager for the middle or high school, you may use the same email address but have to use a different password.
  2. Second, we recruit volunteers for the many events we sponsor through this site. So after you've typed in your family information, you will get to the "Volunteer Information" screen. Here you can indicate how you would like to help.


Chatham Park's Home & School Association (HASA) also maintains an online community at After you're entered your information for the Bulldog Browser here and checked out the volunteer opportunities, visit regularly to stay on top of school news and special announcements. You can also sign up there for RSS or to receive email updates whenever something new is posted.